About me

After graduating with a degree in English and Philosophy from the University of Birmingham, Danann travelled to the Alps to do a ski season, reassuring her family she would be home in five months. Three ski seasons later, she decided it was time to give up the bum lifestyle, return to her family home and get a proper job… so she started chasing her life-long dream of becoming a writer. Danann was first published at the age of eleven when she had a poem included in an anthology. As she had just discovered how cool rhyming really was, the less said about that the better. Danann has written for magazines, both online and print. Out on the Piste is her first novel. The characters, town and venues mentioned in this novel are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. Danann would like to reassure her mother and father in particular that the book is not autobiographical. Honestly.

Danann has presented on writing and how to promote one’s work. She is also happy to run creative writing workshops – or present on any writing-related topic! If you are interested in speaking with Danann about one of her workshops, get in touch.